ELVE will make every attempt to finish the project/changes within the specified timeframe. If functionalities are redefined or modified then Reasonable delays are accepted.

Any delays at the client’s end may cause the project and timelines to be pushed back.

Any modifications to the design after it has been approved will be subject to extra fees.

Any changes requested throughout the development process or after the Go-Live clearance will be subject to extra fees. ELVE shall not be held accountable for any delays caused by changes in the project brief.

All estimates/quotes are based on our understanding of your needs and are provided within the specified time limit. Any modifications to the functionality, even minor enhancements, may result in increased charges. In a face-to-face meeting, please confirm and explain our understanding.

By accepting a quotation, you agree to and accept ELVE’s terms and conditions. Acceptance can be expressed verbally, through email, through payment of the Initiation fee, or by signing a quotation.

Clients should double-check that all of their criteria have been included in the quotes/proposals/estimates and that we completely comprehend their needs. Clients must give us clear instructions, as well as the flow and any other information they may require. We shall proceed with our knowledge of the needs and quote appropriately if such specifics are not given. If a disagreement develops later, it may result in additional expenditures to accommodate the adjustments. As a result, it’s critical that you define every detail of your website development and double-check that you’ve been quoted on the correct specifications.

A commercial-grade web server or a comparable configuration will be used to put the site or software application on the web. The website may not operate well if it is placed in a typical office network environment, depending on the amount of traffic it receives.

Third-party components such as Third-Party Payment Gateway or SSL certificates may be used in the development of a website/application, depending on the functions required. ELVE tries its best to recognize the appropriateness of any such component, but we have no control over any unanticipated restrictions of third-party components. Purchase expenses for third-party components (like Payment gateway, SSL, Plug-in licenses, Google Adwords, etc) are not included in our estimates.

Any complexity associated with individual activities must be disclosed in advance and accounted for in the proposal’s price. We work in good faith and rely on our clients to provide us with all relevant information at the time of quotation. ELVE shall not be responsible for any discrepancies that arise as a result of unclear criteria.

Each activity, such as Project Management and Digital Strategist/Business Analyst, has a set number of man-hours allotted to it. Within the allotted hours, minor modifications may be made. On a case-by-case basis, this will be examined.

Within the first two weeks of commencing the project, you must supply us with all website/application content and supporting documentation. Any further delays may cause the project to be delayed, and if it extends beyond a reasonable timeline, it may result in extra charges.

Our websites/applications are typically tested on PCs using the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. If you need testing done on a different browser, please let us know ahead of time.

Web sites that are responsive/multi-device friendly are evaluated on iPhones and iPads. If you need testing on a different device, please let us know ahead of time.

If your website/application is not hosted on an ELVE server, any additional man-hours necessary as a result of server or network difficulties are not included in our quotations and may be paid individually.

Please note that delaying the project for more than two calendar months will incur 2500 INR/pm administration charges at any time during the project. It also has the potential to raise the already authorized estimations. Please notify us in writing if you require the project to be placed on hold. We’ll require the account to be up to date depending on the work done in order to put the project on hold without incurring further expenses. If a case like this develops, more information can be explored.

ELVE owns the copyrights to all of its programmings (except open-source software). The codes can be handed over for usage at an extra fee once all prior invoices have been paid, under the condition that they are only used or modified for future development for the stated customer or succeeding owners of that legal organization. The codes will not be permitted to be resold or duplicated under any circumstances.

ELVE CMS is ELVE’s own content management system. Unless previous arrangements are established prior to the commencement of the project, ELVE retains the copyrights to any programs created for any customer. ELVE grants the customer a license to use any custom-built software for their own use exclusively. This license is provided as long as the hosting is paid for. ELVE CMS, as well as any access to the program codes, cannot be moved to an external server.

ELVE disclaims any responsibility for open source products like WordPress, Open Source carts, Joomla, and other similar applications. It is the duty of the customer to keep all components and third-party applications up to date. To avoid any interruptions, we recommend that you keep frequent backups.

Packages are available through ELVE in collaboration with third-party vendors. Changes in the regulations and policies of the third-party supplier may have an impact on the services we offer or the terms and conditions hereof.

The customer must accept that there may be unanticipated situations that cause the development process to be delayed, particularly when third-party software is being integrated. We will do everything possible to execute the job according to the proposal. When every attempt is made to keep the project on the specified timeline, the client undertakes not to punish us for any real delay as long as it is within a reasonable time frame.

Unless it is mentioned, the costs of domain registration, renewal, and other related services are not included in any project or proposal. If necessary, a second estimate will be supplied and authorized by the customer.

Unless it is mentioned, hosting fees are not included in the quotes. If necessary, ELVE can provide a suitable hosting solution, for which a quotation will be presented separately and authorized by the customer. When clients opt to arrange their own hosting, we should be informed before deciding on the type of hosting and database to use, as it must match the criteria of the development technology.

Please keep in mind that we’ll need full access to hosting support to test and deploy the app. ELVE is not responsible for any delays or errors caused by the hosting company’s direct or indirect actions.

ELVE typically develops and tests websites/applications on our own servers or on domains that we host. Clients and third parties are not allowed access to ELVE’s test servers and webpages. After all payments and dues have been paid in full, the website/application can be moved to a third-party server.

Email is used for almost all contacts and conversations. It is the duty of the customer to keep us informed of any changes to their email addresses.

Regardless of any other provision of the agreement, ELVE will grant an unconditional license to the Customer to reproduce, publish, communicate, use, exploit, vary, or otherwise deal with
1) the graphics,
2) the texts, and
3) the images
used in the publish in exchange for the Customer entering into this agreement with ELVE. This excludes any intellectual property related to the website’s development, such as digital strategies, programming codes, database structures, scripts, forms, or features.

Terms of payment:

Every month on the 1st, you must pay.

For any late payments or denied credit card charges, a 500 INR administrative fee will be applied to the client’s account.
Any payments associated with the digital marketing/strategy package are non-refundable.


All digital marketing and strategy packages are for at least 6 months. After that, you can cancel at any time by sending a clear one-month email notice.

ELVE has the right to cancel this agreement at any moment by giving the Client written notice.