All prices are quoted in INR are exclusive of GST unless specified.

All invoices must be processed according to the timetable and paid using your selected method.

Payments made using Accounting Software are subject to a fee. Stripe charges this fee for credit card payments.

Milestone payments must be made within 5 working days of each milestone/schedule unless mutually agreed otherwise. Prior to the website/application/project becoming online, the final payment must be paid.

Acceptance of the quote, milestone, delivery, project, and terms & conditions is deemed upon receipt of payment.

ELVE retains the right to negotiate and reimburse the appropriate percentage of the service fee paid by the customer. If you cancel your order after making a payment but before the work begins, we will reimburse you 75% of the amount you have already paid. If an order is canceled after work has begun, the maximum refund or fee will be 50% of the invoice amount. If a cancellation is requested after more than 50% of the work has been done, there will be no return or modifications. All cancellations must be in writing and delivered via normal mail, email, or fax. Cancellation requests made by phone will not be honored.

Payments for small or one-time projects must be made in advance or according to the parameters specified in the invoice/proposal. You must notify us in writing (emails allowed) within two working days after receiving the terms if you require any modifications.

Late fees and charges: From the due date, any outstanding bills will be subject to a 10% late payment cost and an administration fee of INR 500 per month.